I’m a product designer based in the Bay Area, CA dedicated to storytelling and research. I use compassion to take on complex problems and craft inclusive, intuitive solutions for a complete end-to-end user experience. 

Here's an peek into my design process

Research and Define

My first step is to understand the problem we're trying to solve. I love to draw and map out flows with good old paper and pen, or hold whiteboard sessions with the PM and developers if possible. Collaborating from the beginning is key!

Prototype and Test

From sketches and digital wireframes to prototypes created with design tools, I explore design options, think through the use cases, establish the MVP flows, and test them with users, while communicating with with developers to ensure functionality.

Iterate iterate iterate

After rounds of prototyping and testing with the users and product team, the final design is delivered to developers and VQA (visual quality assurance) is performed with them to check the product functions.

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